Kelly Construction Group is a full service Residential Contractor in addition to a Commercial Contractor. We pride ourselves on making building the easy choice for our customers. At Kelly Construction we understand that building a new home can be a very stressful time for the client because of all the decisions and responsibilities that go along with building a house. We pride ourselves on making the home building process a pleasure for the client, as it should be. You as the client are building your dream and that is something you should enjoy. It is also something that we take very serious and are excited to help you accomplish. We take a high level of pride knowing that you have chosen our team to help accomplish this feat. We are able to give our clients the sense of ease through thorough planning, communication, and by educating the client throughout the entire process. Our hope is that through our systems the client feels informed and empowered to make good decision concerning their project.  Many clients come to us before they have plans and their ideas are still trapped in their brains somewhere between what he and she may want. After a meeting to discuss wants and needs we can provide the clients with plans that address everything they intend to have in a home. This process usually takes a couple of versions to nail down the exact product the client hopes for but typically the end result is spot on. We also have clients who come to us with plans in hand and are ready to get moving on a project right away. The first thing we do in this scenario is review the plans extensively so that we completely understand what they are hoping to have. We go through the same wants and needs assessment that we do with those clients who do not have plans because it is critical to understand the client’s vision since we did not assist in the planning of the project. We have worked with many clients and we typically grab the client’s vision and style right away. The next phase is the thorough communication. Communication is key as when there is a lack of communication the client begins to feel lost or disconnected and this is never a good feeling that we can all relate too in some form. We try to over communicate as much as possible. At a minimum we have a weekly meeting discussing the process and upcoming decisions that will need to be made; however, in most cases we speak with the client daily in some form whether it is via phone, text or email. Once the communication is clear we focus on desired budget and desired time of completion.  Once we have realistic goals of time and budget we work tirelessly to make sure we reach or exceed these goals. Our goal is for this to be literally the best business experience you have ever had. To clarify a little farther if you can think of the best dining experience you may have had or the best shopping experience or any business experience you have experienced our goal is to exceed this experience drastically. Our goal is to consistently WOW you as the client. We understand the client is not a building professional and they are often concerned with certain practices or often wonder what is going to happen next. In addition to completing reports and thorough documentation of the job in most cases daily we speak directly with the client a few times weekly so they are aware of what is going on and what they can expect next. We also answer our clients questions with as much detail and facts as possible so they are learning and can make informed decisions on items they are choosing for their project. It is our intention for our clients to be completely happy with all of the decisions they have made by the projects end. We guarantee project satisfaction on all our projects. We have created systems that allows us to provide exceptional service and quality construction across the board time and time again for all our clients. The first way we have been able to do this is by hiring the correct team members. Everyone in our organization share the same values and that is a prerequisite to joining our team at Kelly Construction Group. We hold each other accountable to be superb in our craft and creating a service the client will never forget. We have a talented and knowledgeable staff that has been in the construction industry for decades. It is our goal for you to have the same excellent experience no matter what project manager you are dealing with. In addition we plan for our clients to experience that same exceptional experience no matter what area of our company you’re dealing with starting at the receptionist and ending with the CEO. It takes more than just our team so we have developed a great team of subcontractors to help us create our products. Just like our employees we expect our subcontractors to share the same core values that we do as a company and we will not accept anything less. We have developed a group of core subcontractors that we use on most projects and they are truly extraordinary. Our team treats every project as if it was one of our own personal projects. We hold everyone on the project to a level of detail second to none. We know the only way we will continue to grow is to consistently be the best. While we feel like we lead the field now we continually strive to get better everyday. We learn something on every job that allows us to get better and we don’t forget it. Some of the services we offer in the residential market is New Build Homes, Custom Renovations, and Pool/Outdoor Living areas. If you think we may be a good fit for your project please contact us today!!

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