How It Works

Construction Delivery Methods


Kelly Construction Group’s primary focus is in the Commercial and Industrial Construction sector. We provide several different services in these sectors such as Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build and Construction Management.



Our desired method of construction is Design-Build Construction. Design-Build is the method in which you would hire Kelly Construction Group to handle the complete scope of your project from design to the completion of construction. Kelly Construction Group would design the project in house or put together a team of professionals that have experience in the specific type of project at hand. In addition, we would also build the project as the General Contractor.

There are several advantages to this method:

  • One contact for the entire project. The owner is not dealing with Architects, Fire Marshals, City Inspectors, and General Contractor. Kelly Construction Group becomes the sole contact who coordinates all these different entities.
  • Projects are built within budget because we start with budget during the design process and design accordingly. We are able to draw from our vast experience in addition we can get valuable feedback from or vendors and subcontractors on current pricing and best practices.
  • Projects are completed quicker. Once the design is complete site work can begin and long lead items can be secured while construction documents are being completed. For Design-Bid-Build you would lose all this time because the project cannot start until the construction documents are complete and bid process has been completed. The bid process can take weeks to complete. In addition, when you have one source our goal is to complete the project as soon as possible in the best interest of the client and the contractor (Kelly Construction Group)
  • There is typically a savings of 10% or better on a design-build project. Projects are not over engineered like they can be in many cases with Design-Bid-Build. As the contractor we take the responsibility of designing and building an adequate structure while also understanding we need to meet the budget in order for the project to move ahead. The reason things are often over designed is because the designer may not have confident in who could potentially be doing the work. You do not have that concern in the design-build process as the designer and builder are the same team.
  • Design fees can be cheaper. We only draw the necessary drawings for construction. There are no wasted hours drawings details that aren’t needed. Another advantage is if an additional drawing is needed during construction the drawing can be produced rapidly without waiting for an Architect or Engineer in a lot of instances.



In the Design-Bid-Build method drawings are drawn by an Architect and Engineers with no collaboration from the Contractor or Subcontractors. Once the drawings are complete, they are provided to multiple General Contractors for pricing.

At Kelly Construction Group we do a fair amount of Design-Bid-Build work also. Design-Bid-Build isn’t our preferred method, but a fair share of potential clients believes this is a best-case practice or the client is required to bid out work due to legal purposes such as State or Federal Bid laws, so it is necessary for us to work in this method also.

The advantages for this method are as follows:

  • Client gets the lowest possible cost
  • The disadvantages for this method are as follows:
  • Lowest cost usually means the quality of construction could be compromised or the owner may be hit with unexpected cost due to change orders.
  • While the owner is getting the lowest possible price in many cases the project bid price comes in higher than the owner is expecting. This is because design was completed before a good budget was developed by getting input from General Contractors and Subcontractors. This typically leads to redesign or discovering value engineered opportunities and then back to the rebid process. The result is the owner is now getting less that what they thought they would get, and the project start date is delayed.
  • Vendors and Subcontractors do not release pricing until minutes before bid time in a lot of cases, so the General Contractor is putting together an extensive number of costs into their bid in a short window to meet the bid deadline. This often leads to errors and omissions in many bids. This can lead to change orders and unexpected costs once construction begins.
  • The general contractor has little control over who they work with on a job because they must use the vendors and subcontractors with the lowest price to be competitive on the bid. It is likely that most other contractors are using the vendor who has the lowest price. This can lead to working with subcontractors who may not provide the best quality subcontractors who maintain the required schedule to meet the owner’s expectations.
  • Architectural drawings must be more detailed to ensure all bidders are bidding the project in the same way. More drawing and design time equals more cost.
  • Architects must oversee the project to ensure the General Contractor builds according to their design. There is a Construction Administration fee that is incurred when this service is required.


Construction Management

At Kelly Construction we offer Construction Management services for companies looking to expand or franchise. We will manage the construction of your new locations so you can focus on running your business. Our design-build method works great in these instances. Another scenario is when an owner has already secured a General Contractor but would like to have an outside company assist in the Construction administration process. Our Construction Management services can also be beneficial when an owner is acting as General Contractor but may not be familiar with local subcontractors and vendors or just not familiar with general construction services.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Our team putting together a complete design-build package for your future locations
  • Project Manager assigned to the said project. The project manager will make routine site visits and document the sites current conditions and general construction progress. In addition, the project manager will put his findings in an organized report for the owner.
  • Preparing initial project schedule or reviewing proposed project schedule to verify efficiency.
  • Subcontract Contract Administration. Writing all buyouts/contracts and securing all necessary documentation from the subcontractors such as licenses, insurances, and project permits. If the subcontractors are in place via another General Contractor Kelly Construction would simply review the subcontracts, licenses, and insurances are in place to insure the owner in protected.
  • Review submittals of materials and shop drawings to insure they are in line with the construction documents.
  • Attend or coordinate monthly progress meetings.