Kelly Construction Group started in 2008 as a small commercial general contractor. Jon had experience in the commercial sector and felt this would be a good place to start. Our first jobs were small renovations to existing businesses that needed updating or expanding. This type of work carried us through the first year in business as the company was lean consisting of only Jon. Kelly Construction would begin soon after to work on tenant build-outs which would help the company gain a little traction and begin to advance to a new level. We were able to complete a substantial amount of these build-outs and most of these jobs were really nice jobs for a small commercial construction company that was just getting a head of steam.  During the first build-out Jon realized there was a need for a contractor who could offer a turnkey stop for small business owners. All business owners were looking for plans and a contractor to help make their business a reality. Jon had extensive experience in Autocad and was ready to put these skills to use for his own business. In most cases the actual building or structure was in place so there were no requirements for Architectural or Engineered stamped plans. Kelly Construction Group was able to find a small niche as we could provide plans for a much cheaper price than an Architect or Engineer. Once plans were complete we would make all submittals to the local building permit offices and the Office of State Fire Marshal. Lastly, we would complete the construction portion of the project. The client would have went full circle and Kelly Construction Group, LLC was the only company they ever had to contact. We developed a reputation as be valuable to small business owners with these capabilities. While doing these type jobs we connected with a few architectural firms and continued to do other private projects as well.  We have worked in many sectors in the private market including office spaces, retail spaces, fabrication facilities, religious facilities, restaurants, dental offices, engineering offices, nursing homes, gymnasiums, fitness centers and private schools. By 2010 these types of jobs had all but vanished and all the clients we had developed relationships with had their future projects on hold while waiting to see what would happen with our economy. At Kelly Construction we began to focus in other areas as like every other company we needed a steady stream of leads and work to grow and the avenue we were headed down had turned into a dirt road. We begin to turn our focus to clients who had multiple facilities and to clients who would be required to keep up their facilities regardless of what the economy was doing. We were able connect with some really good organizations who are still clients today. While some of the organizations we connected with were private companies the majority of these organizations were public organizations. This is where we begin to cut our teeth per say and learn how the public bid work process works. It was very different from what we were accustomed to but once we had a grip on it, we have been able to thrive in this sector as well. We currently work with a number of the local universities, local school boards, and city governments as well. These types of clients make a large amount of our business here at Kelly Construction. While we intend to grow more into the private side of the market we have no plans on abandoning these existing relationships. It is our intention to offer the same exceptional service while also extending our network. We feel and Kelly Construction we have a lot to offer potential clients. We are a small organization capable of providing a professional experience. We have systems in place that allow us to operate at a very high level much like larger companies but you still have the small feel and accessibility of a small company. We excel in all aspects of the process from pre-construction to completion. Our team has a vast knowledge of the construction field. We have over 75 years combined experience in many different disciplines. Kelly Construction Group is operating in its 12th year in business but with all of the experienced team members we have developed into a well oiled machine. It is our hope at Kelly Construction Group that when you chose us for your project you will have the best business experience you have ever had. We bring a high level of organization which is something that is lost in a lot of construction companies. We work as team on all our projects and we have developed systems and checklist that help us all work together seamlessly. By doing this we are able to provide our clients with a quality product that we can stand behind in the future without a doubt. Many of our clients are return clients and we fill this is an attribute to our consistency in which we strive for project after project. Every member of our team understands their role and we all take our role seriously in the process. We all have a level of commitment second to none when it comes to performing our specific job duties. Every member of the team here at Kelly Construction knows the importance of completing a project on time and on budget and we understand that collectively as a team we will produce better results. Our team is willing to do whatever it takes to make the project a success. If you or your company have a project that is ready for construction or if you have project you in the planning process feel free to contact us and let us prove while we will be a good fit for you job. Take a look at our work and read our testimonials to see what our other clients have to say about us. Give us an opportunity and we will respond with excellence.

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