Our General Contractors Baton Rouge is the best Construction Group. Kelly construction group l is the full license general contractor. We have been in the business for more than A decade.Our primary focus is to build new commercial construction and to manage the project effectively to ensure that the project is complete on time and within the budget. We started our business in 2018 and we provide our own method to complete our project.

In the past we have been mainly contracted on Commercial renovation but over the years we have expanded our business to contracting on agriculture auto dealership government house of worship manufacturing office building Recreation retail school and transportation warehouse and Fitness. Our team is Experian in many types of projects. will like new challenges and would like to improve our method to help any problems area that the client is needed.

The best and amazing Advantage is we are involved in your project from the early stage of the constructions we design and all the way to the finished product. We have completed many Commercial renovation and remodeling and from those experiences we get feedback from our clients and vendors and reimburse our method every year.

We are the best General Contractors Baton Rouge and we provide the best experience for our client. When you work with us there are many other opportunities for commercial renovation and remodel in any other sectors. We do not waste any time on drawing. We will be with you at the early stage of drawing and designing the building. If any change that our client enters in the middle of constructing the project we can do it immediately.

Our client does not have to wait for an engineer or architect to be approved. we can change the design immediately on the spot. We are with our client for the entire project so that client does not need to deal with an architect or any other contractor. Our group will become your sole contact who will be with you for the entire process.

We are going to complete the project as soon as possible and the best project that our client wants.Our mission is to give the best experience to our clients and we are team oriented. Every month we have a team meeting to ensure that the project is going smoothly and the project is finishing in time within the budget.

If you are looking for General Contractors Baton Rouge Kelly Construction Group is the best for you. Our Construction Group has been working in the area for more than 10 years. We are with the client from the early stage of the business so that our Management Service is the best you can get in the business. and our vendors are local subcontractors and vendors so that they are familiar with the general construction service.

We are also putting together a complete design project package for your future location so that you don’t need to plan out what the step and what the vote you want to take.

if you are deciding to start a project please call us and our customer service will gladly help you out 225 243 4949 and if you like to check out website there is a lot of testimony from our past clients https://kellyconstructiongroup.com/what-we-do/

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We are the leading General Contractors Baton Rouge. Kelly construction offers construction management service for our client. We will manage the construction of your new location so that you can focus on your day-to-day life. I will message because we are with our client from the early start of the project to the finish so that we know what our client wants and what the project that our client is thinking and turning that into reality. and one of the method that we use is when on a client is start a project we are with them all the way from drawing or designing the project one of the advantage of this method is whenever our client want to change in the middle of the project we could change it in instantly and I’ll clients don’t have to wait architect or engineer.

Are you looking for General Contractors Baton Rouge because Kelly Construction is the best Construction Group in the business. Iowa Construction Group has been developing connections with many of our clients. We have completed many commercial construction and renovations. To start off for business we do commercial construction and renovation over the year. Our business has expense to commissioning agriculture auto dealership government house of worship manufacturing office building Recreation retail School transportation warehouse and fitness center. We are the best

General contractors baton Rouge and our team has experienced many projects and we are experts in the field. our method has been the same for many years and this method has been satisfying customers and at the end of every project we as our client and vendor to give feedback so that we can improve our method and give the best experience to our clients.At Kelly construction we have to design and construct every detail of your project. We work with our local subcontractor and vendor to offer our client the best and satisfying project. I’ll go to turn our client project into reality and give the best experience that we have.

If y’all looking to start a new project or renovation reaches out and we would like to get involved all the way from the early start of the project so that the project can be done smoothly. and if you have a new project that you can figure out the direction to go also reach us out and let’s get started on your new facility. we will make the process in your way home and keep you informed along the way so call us and dial this number
225 243 4949 Our customer service will be happy for you. and go check out on our website to see how our pass client testimony

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