General Contractors Baton Rouge | Home Of Your Dreams

This content was written for Kelly Construction Group.

Have you been looking to build the home of your dreams? If so, this is probably been a long awaited project. It is important you find the perfect General Contractors Baton Rouge for the job. You must first find a general contractor who has the ability to dream in sharing your passion and vision for your dream home. Kelly Construction Group is the general contractor for you. We are so sure that you will see our passion in our projects immediately that we are offering a free design consultation as our gift to you as our way of showing you our commitment. Find out why we are the highest and most review general contractors in the Baton Rouge, LA area. We offer residential and commercial construction services. We offer a 14 day quote and guarantee your satisfaction. Our project satisfaction guarantee includes on-time completion and a budget guarantee. We know how important awaited project is for you we take our job very seriously.

There are many residential services that we can provide for you during your search for General Contractors Baton Rouge. We take a great amount of passion in the construction of a brand-new home based on your vision and our collaboration to turn that into a reality. Even if it isn’t a new construction that your heart desires, we can still provide services for you to create the home of your dreams. Allow us during our free design consultation to provide a renovation or addition plan. We understand that as time changes your family changes and the needs of your family changes and your home must be able to adapt to those needs. That is why we make your residential property our priority upon gaining your business. In addition, we also offer tools and outdoor living area services for residential construction. That’s right! We don’t just change your home. We also have the ability to change your entire outdoor living area to suit your dream and your vision for your home.

In addition to offering residential services, we are also the General Contractors Baton Rouge provider from multiple construction sites. We offer commercial construction services for brand-new constructions, even buildouts and commercial building renovation projects. We also specialize in facility maintenance and project management on behalf of your company.

Find out why so many clients prior to you give us such great ratings and reviews. You can trust us with our project satisfaction guarantee. You can count on us to stay on time during the project and especially on budget. You will not find a general contractor in the area with more integrity than Kelly Construction Group.

We look forward to discussing your future projects during your free design consultation today. Please contact us at 225-243-4949 by phone to discuss all of the possibilities that we can turn into reality for your residential or commercial property. We also invite you to visit our website at and look at our gallery to see examples of our work we have completed on behalf of our clients before.

General Contractors Baton Rouge | The Pool You Always Wanted

This content was written for Kelly Construction Group.

Is it time to update your home? Have you been searching for the perfect addition to your home but you don’t quite know exactly what that could be. It’s time you search for the perfect General Contractors Baton Rouge and you found it here at Kelly Construction Group. We specialize in residential and commercial construction. We are a group of experienced general contractors with a passion in creating your dream and turning that into a reality.

With summer coming up is the perfect time to begin the project to update your home. Your first step is to find the best general contractors Baton Rouge for this task. We know exactly what we can do for you in order to achieve your goals. Let Kelly Construction Group provide the pool you’ve always wanted in your backyard and outdoor living area. It’s time to begin the project for the pool you’ve always wanted. We specialize in underground pool installation and outdoor living area renovation. Call today for your free design consultation. We can usually tell immediately how we can achieve your goals. It is our job to have the ability to predict your design style and provide expert feedback on how we can turn that into a reality. The pool is more affordable than you ever realize. In addition to pool and outdoor living, we also provide brand-new residential construction and even renovation and additions to your existing home.

In addition to our residential services we also provide commercial clients with exceptional commercial construction services. We can provide a brand-new commercial construction from the ground up. We can provide facility maintenance and project management and even commercial renovations.

We take pride in the quality of our work. Find out exactly why we are the highest and most reviewed general contractors Baton Rouge and we are one of the few general contractors who will offer project satisfaction guaranteed. We offer free design consultation because we are so confident in our ability to see your vision and your personal style immediately. We offer a 14 day quote guarantee. From the time that we quote that is good for 14 days to begin the project. Our guarantee also includes that your long-awaited project is completed on time. We work hard to stick as close to the budget as possible. We will be communicating with you the entire time to ensure any bumps in the road are discussed timely and effectively.

Give us the chance to prove to you how passionate we can be about your upcoming project. Allow us to give you the pool you’ve always wanted. Or, allow us to your new residential project or commercial construction project and find out why others trust us for all of their construction needs. Check out our website at and view our gallery to see our previous work in the testimonies before you. You may also contact us for your free design consultation today at 225-243-4949. We look forward to hearing you and beginning the project of your dreams and discussing this today!