If you are looking for General Contractors Baton Rouge, you have come to the right place. Kelly Construction Group has been one of the premier building corporations in the Baton Rouge area for nearly 12 years, garnering acclaim from clients across the area. Customer after customer has experienced the honest and hard-working service of Kelly Construction Group and its employees, and they can attest to the superiority of the work that they do.

Jon Kelly founded a Kelly Construction Group and 2008 after seven years of experience in the field of construction. A dedicated worker and an intelligent man, Jon Kelly has always striven to please his customers, no matter the project and no matter the difficulty. He and his employees today strive to uphold their values of honesty, integrity, and diligence. After all, a company cannot become the best General Contractors Baton Rouge without a lot of work. Thankfully, Kelly and his crew have been willing to put in that work, sticking to their word and pleasing customers consistently.

A look at Kelly Construction Group's website will show a testimonials page, full of glowing reviews from satisfied customers, who use such descriptors as dedicated, reliable, trustworthy, and hard-working. These clients are so excited to leave good reviews that they are willing to put their reviews into both video and written formats attached to their name and face. It is no surprise to any of these clients that the employees of Kelly Construction Group have become the best General Contractors Baton Rouge has ever seen. And they will work to see their business grow and expand.

What sort of project are you working on? Do you have a major remodel you want for your house? Do you want to build a new house altogether? Do you want a new pool for an outdoor living space? Do you represent a company that wants to expand on its current property or to build on any property? Whatever your needs, whether residential or commercial, Kelly Construction Group is the company that you need. They will work tirelessly to make sure that you are satisfied with whatever project you give them, sticking to the design contract that you established with them in the beginning. In fact, they are so committed to making sure you are satisfied that they have a guarantee for project satisfaction, as well as offering free consultations and a 14-day quote to make sure that you know what you are getting into from the start. Promising to finish your project on budget and on time, you will never be faced with hidden fees or surprise additions that you didn't plan for. The most important thing for Kelly Construction Group is to follow your plan and to make sure that you are taken care of.

Would you like to get your project started? Just visit Kelly Construction Group's website, kellyconstructiongroup.com; give them a call at 222-243-4949; or visit their Facebook page, Kelly Construction Group, LLC. No matter what you need, Kelly Construction Group is committed to making sure that your project is done to your satisfaction. Get in contact with them today.

When you're looking for a company for your construction project, you want to make sure that you have the best. You need employees who are dedicated, hard-working, professional, and trustworthy. After all, fixing it mistake in the building is not something that most of us can do on our own. You want to make sure that when you hire General Contractors Baton Rouge, you are going to get someone who is going to do their absolute best for you and for your building. That is why you need to hire Kelly Construction Group, a company founded on honesty, integrity, and diligence and the drive to make sure that their customers are satisfied completely.

Kelly Construction Group has been happily serving customers for nearly 12 years, both and their presidential projects and commercial. They have worked on home remodel, home-building, pool work, office construction, corporate resizing, and so much more, also the complete satisfaction of their clients. With their values of honesty and, integrity, and diligence, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that every customer receives the work that they desire on time and within their budget. With such high standards, it is no wonder that they have become some of the best General Contractors Baton Rouge.

Jon Kelly, the founder of Kelly Construction Group, has been a wonderful leader of the team of the General Contractors Baton Rouge since its inception in 2008. Dedicated to a diligent work ethic and a dream, Kelly has expanded his business to include both commercial and residential projects, offering the same amount of diligence and care in each area, no matter how small or big the project.

In order to ensure that their customers are always satisfied, Kelly Construction Group offers many guarantees. Of course, the most important is the project-satisfaction guarantee, which, you guessed it, means that customers are insured to be happy with the finished product. The group also ensures that every client will receive a free design consultation and a 14-day quote that will garner complete satisfaction. And, last but not least, Kelly Construction Group guarantees that the project will be completed on time and on budget so that the customers are assured that no hidden fees will spring up and no extra work will be done and that was not approved by them. There will be no scams or flubs allowed in the work of Kelly Construction Group. If, however, you need extra assurance that their work is superb and top-notch, just take a look at the testimonials page on the website. There, you will see scores of glowing reviews from extremely satisfied customers who have received everything they wanted and more.

In order to have a construction project done with the highest quality possible, contact Kelly Construction Group today on their websites, kellyconstructiongroup.com; by calling the mats 222-243-4949; or through their Facebook page, Kelly Construction Group, LLC. No matter the project, Kelly Construction Group is sure to meet your standards and more. Don't wait! Give them a call today.