If you are looking to find best general contractors baton rouge, look no further than Kelly construction group. They are always on time and on budget and that’s a guarantee. They offer a free quote and consultation for your project. allow us to bring your project to life, you can pick a company that understands your needs as well as knowing construction. We offer a project satisfaction guarantee. We do a range of services from metal building construction, new commercial construction, and Commercial Renovations and additions.  We have a proven system that allows us to deliver you excellent products, every time, the Kelly way. 


When searching for find best general contractors baton rouge, Kelly Construction Group Has a mission to be able to provide you with exceptional service. They also want to be able to create an atmosphere that team members can thrive on personally and professionally. We have a mission where clients and employees will absolutely love the process that we have made for you all. We are known to be efficient, intentional, high energy and highly organized. We produce the best products and professionalism. We can provide you with outstanding customer service and provide you with the project that you love. we have a satisfaction guarantee, we won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied.


What is the history of find best general contractors baton rouge? Kelly Construction Group started in January of 2008. The founders of Kelly Construction Group Don and his wife Jerry have relocated back to home, the Baton Rouge area after they’ve spent time working in the Marine construction industry. They did this in Morgan City, Louisiana.The founder John graduated construction management in 2004 from lsu. he was able to get a job right out of college and was able to gain experience in the field of construction. he was able to learn about estimating, project management, trained and design and custom cut furniture. he did this with the CNC machine at his first job. he did this for a few years but wanted to be closer to family. he thought this would be the absolute perfect opportunity to start in the business that he had dreamed of. 


They were able to go under contract with their very first project  for around 23,000. This allowed Kelly Construction Group to officially open their doors for business. They did small jobs from 25,000 to $255,000 for the next 3 years. and in his early years of construction he was able to learn how to draw the plans for businesses and complete construction once the permit was complete. We use what we call AutoCAD and produce the plans for a fraction of the cost. Once everything is complete he gets the necessary permit from the Fire Marshals and local districts as well as any other departments. By being able to provide you with drawings puts us at an advantage that other builders aren’t doing. This has led us to some very great clients. 


Visit our website today at https://kellyconstructiongroup.com and give us a call at 225.243.4949. 


Find Best General Contractors Baton Rouge | On Time, On Budget Guaranteed 


If you are hoping to find best general contractors baton rouge, We are your builder of choice. We bring projects to life, by choosing as you choose a company that understands the client’s needs and knows the ins and outs of construction. We offer product satisfaction guaranteed. We give you a free quote and consultation for your project. We guarantee to be on time and on budget each and every time. We are your builder of choice at Kelly construction group. We offer our services in metal building construction, new commercial construction, and Commercial Renovations as well as additions. We have an approval system called The Kelly Way that allows us to deliver you with excellent products and services. 


What is the history of find best general contractors baton rouge? By early 2013 the founder John was not able to keep up with all of his project alone and started to reach out and build the Kelly team. They service their clients and gain access to the public bid market. We have been able to grow year after year and develop a team of professionals with exceptional services that are experienced with construction. The Kelly team has a culture where the employees are able to clock Thrive and the clients are able to have a comfort knowing that their projects will always be done in an efficient, timely and professional manner. We have a goal to be a better person and a better company every single day. We are able to do this by continuously pushing each other and holding each other accountable. We are able to grow and have continued success due to our core values of honesty, integrity and diligence.


How does the find best general contractors baton rouge work? We have a plan to continue to thrive and grow each and every single day. It is our goal to become Baton Rouge’s area’s Premier General contractor. While continuing in the current service, we have been able to go back to the design and offer this on a larger scale. We know that projects are always most successful when we start from the beginning and nurture until this is an imperfection. We have a build diagram that allows us to fully explain more about the process and for the customer to be able to see advantages and disadvantages of the design build diagram. 


We have gone above and beyond being able to partner with a number of companies to be able to widen our capabilities and design build. we can’t be more excited for what is to come, we have completed multiple design builds and plans to do more of these over the future. To learn more about us, to see your gallery projects we’ve done in the past, to check out our services and details, to see how the process works, and to see what clients have said in their client testimonials about us please visit our website at https://kellyconstructiongroup.com/. We want to be able to take your project and turn your dream into reality.  call us today at 225.243.4949.