Find Best General Contractors Baton Rouge | New Construction or Remodel?

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Are you considering building a brand-new construction or remodel? Contact the experts to assist you with this dilemma and help you make an educated decision on what would work best for either your commercial business or your family home. In order to find Best General Contractors Baton Rouge can provide you must look to Kelly Construction Group. We are the premier construction contractor for residential and commercial clients. We are truly the best and you will see that based on our rating. We are the highest and most reviewed general contractors in the area. We provide free quotes, project satisfaction guarantee, 14 day quote guarantees. Find out why so many have used us previously and have experience in a positive, unforgettable and successful construction project.

On your residential property you may be facing the question of building a new construction or preparing your home for remodel. You may want to lay out all your options. We can assist you with that. We know that there are many factors that go into providing you with the home of your dreams. You will want to contact the company who understands that. To find best General Contractors Baton Rouge you must find a company with experience and proven success. That is us! We can provide you a brand-new home construction based on the home of your dreams, or we can offer your existing home the remodel and renovation you’ve always dreamed. We also understand that your family is always changing and growing. Because of that, we also specialize in the construction of additions to your home. So contact us today to decide if you’re home needs an update of renovation, addition, or if you would prefer a brand-new home construction. Part of our project satisfaction guaranteed offers an on time, on budget guarantee. You can trust us distinctive exactly what we’ve quoted you. You can also trust us to communicate every aspect of the project with you along the way.

The same dilemma may apply to your business. Contact the experts again to determine if your business needs a new construction from the ground up, or if the commercial renovation or buildout is appropriate for your situation. We specialize in project management and facility maintenance as well with our commercial expertise. The same amazing quality is expected for our commercial and residential services. That’s right! That means we will also provide your business with an on budget, on time guarantee. We know how important it is to you for a commercial project to run smoothly. That is why we have perfected the process and continue to do so.

When you mix our perfectly mastered process with our project satisfaction guarantee, on time, on budget guarantee and a 14 day quote guarantee you can trust that you no longer have to search to find best General Contractors Baton Rouge because you have found it is Kelly Construction Group.

We look forward to discussing your future construction projects with you at your earliest convenience. Please visit our website and refer to our clients testimonies and gallery to view our impeccable work at Give us a call today at 225-243-4949.

Find Best General Contractors Baton Rouge | Outdoor Area of Your Dreams

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Are you looking to find the perfect addition to your home? Is your home already capable of providing all of your needs? What about all of your wants? It may be time for you to begin construction on the outdoor area of your dreams including a pool. We know that your home means so much to your family. It is important to have your home take care of your needs while also reflecting you and your family’s personality. So why not begin the project to put that extradition into your home today. To find best general contractors Baton Rouge look no further than Kelly Construction Group. We offer residential and commercial construction services. We have a proven successful process and through this process we are able to guarantee your satisfaction. That’s right! We offer a project satisfaction guarantee and within this guarantee is an on time, on budget guarantee. We know how important your time and finances are. That is why we make it our goal to make sure that you are getting exactly what you expect with your construction project expectations.

Our residential services include new home construction, renovations and additions, and pools in outdoor living area construction. We know that your family is always changing. One thing that stay the same is memories that you can make with your family. What a better way to create the perfect summer setting that will provide many memories for your family van building them the outdoor area of their dreams. Your outdoor area can offer so many forms of entertainment. By putting in the pool, there are so many options for your pool to provide many forms of entertainment for your family. That is only the beginning. You may also find that your beloved is in need of loving care. Allow us to design a plan to offer renovations or additions depending on your families need.

In addition to providing exceptional residential services for your family, we also provide commercial clients with exceptional work. We are experiencing commercial construction and continue to offer all of our guarantees for commercial construction projects as well. Our commercial clients greatly appreciate our on budget, on time guarantee. Trust us and look no further on your search to find best general contractors Baton Rouge.

The phases of our process consists of planning, communication, construction and completion. We have mastered each of these phases and that is why we are able to offer you a project satisfaction guarantee. Our proven system works. We know that in order to provide you with the best quality, we must first master the planning phase. This is the phase where we assess your needs and your wants and provide to you a general layout of the plan and timeline in which we will consistently communicate each phase with you.

We know that your home and your business are two highly important things for you. That is why we are the experts in our field and we are the answer to your request to find best general contractors Baton Rouge. With our highest and most reviewed ratings you will see why we are the most experienced in our field. Visit our website today at and request a free quote. We also encourage you to research our gallery to make sure we are the right company for you. You may contact us at 225-243-4949. We look forward to discussing your new construction plan today!