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This content was written for Kelly Construction Group.

Can you think of commercial contractors Baton Rouge has provided for you in the past? Were you satisfied? Or did you find yourself a little bit frustrated with process? At Kelly construction group our client tend to find themselves frustrated with their experience is using other general contractors. The thing to consider about Kelly construction group is that they are the highest and most reviewed the general contractors Baton Rouge Louisiana had to offer. You can verify this on Google. Go ahead and type in general contractors Baton Rouge into Google and you will find that Kelly construction group top the charts with not just a few more reviews but well over 100 more reviews than any of their nearest competitors. The reason code construction group has so many satisfied clients is because they are diligent and consistent in their commitment to excellence.

Are you wondering why other general contractors cannot keep it together on their job site? Are you curious as to why they always go over budget and cannot seem to meet a deadline to save their lives? Do you wonder why in the world they make it so hard to accept key decision-makers whenever you’re paying them so much money? Do you ever feel like you’re treated like you’re just some other job they have in the pipeline? Getting benched because some other clients more important? Well Kelly construction group pride themselves on making sure that every interaction with everything will customer it Is designed in order to make that customer completely satisfied. Kelly construction group provides an on-time guaranteed. The construction group provided and on budget guarantee. A Construction group is the home of the satisfaction guarantee. Having worked with a P institution the Avenue Livingston Parish public school, Louisiana State University, And the city of Baton Rouge rouge itself, Baton Rouge is proud to call Kelly construction group the highest rated and most reviewed general contractor in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Most commercial contractors Baton Rouge throw the customers do not do what they say. Integrity is the major issue for these clients. They make it difficult from the estimating process through the design consultation and even the processes for reporting and billing are convoluted and not updated properly leading to many key issues that do not get salt in a timely manner. You might be wondering how Kelly construction group is different. Add on over to Kelly construction And check out the video testimonials. Construction groups clients are not shy to talk about the difference between this amazing company and other commercial contractors Baton Rouge has available. One of the main St. Kelly construction group does is maintain a very concise project management system. Is this system that allows them to finish jobs on time and come in on budget or under budget.

Through utilization of red team construction software Kelly construction group is able to handle each and every aspect of the construction projects that they work on using this cloud-based software Application service that provide all users with the access to clear and thorough communication method. The current schedule is available to be viewed from the red team software and daily progress reports are sent photos to client at the end of every single stage. Submittal processes are facilitated and streamline through the software along with change orders and the manager mental changes. Consistency and accuracy in billing processes are provided through red team and Kelly construction group as a master of utilizing this software to the highest and best use for meeting the client expectation and exceeding their me. Commercial contractors Baton Rouge had experience in the past cannot compared to the level of excellence that Kelly construction group provides on every project.

Hiring people at Kelly construction group is no simple task. As trusted commercial contractors in Baton Rouge uses over and over it is important to the owner John Kelly that all members of the team align with his core values. The core value the Kelley construction group are the pillars the hold up the company. They’re the thing that are most important internally and culturally. Kelly construction group make sure that each and every staff that hired onto the company and this translates into individual that are committed and capable managing projects an efficient way and also being easy to work with on a personal level. This differs from other contractors as their staff can often times be very difficult to work with and or overall not responsive to their clients needs.

Another commonly overlooked aspect that commercial contractors Baton Rouge find hard to grasp is the cleanliness of job sites. Cleanliness is an extremely important aspects of the Kelley construction group success formula. Cleanliness is next to godliness after all letting a good job site get out of hand causes a lot of issues. Construction group provides jobsite dumpsters that are branded. Most commercial contractors Baton Rouge overlook this particular aspect of project management. It is not clear why they overlook this. But overlooking it has some very clear issues. Unclean job sites tend to be very disorderly. Unclean jobsite Display a lack of planning. Unclean job site called congestion. Job site better not manage for cleanliness often times have higher instances of injury and problems with materials or laborers. Kelly construction group is proud to say that they keep their job site clean and this is one of the many things that their clients long and know about them. I live traded and reviewed General contractor in Baton Rouge Louisiana Kelly construction group and the commercial contractors Baton Rouge contract with their job. Get started with your processor Kelly construction group today the process is easy. Pick up the phone and dial 225-243-4949 and Kelly construction can also provide forms for you to fill out doesn’t their team to get in contact with you.

The process will start with an easy assessment to gather up all the information needed to start the blind prophet. As a design build firm Kelly construction group will work with you through the consultation process of getting your design just right that you can start building. Once this process is completed the company will then move to provide an accurate estimate within 14 days guaranteed. The process of building will begin and the project will be set the slogan Kelly construction group is quality construction. Exceptional service. This is what makes Kelly construction group different from other companies and this is why they’re notable client leave such great testimonials and reviews for them.