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This content was written for Kelly Construction Group. 

The type of quality construction and exceptional service that you will find amongst the commercial contractors Baton Rouge has at Kelly Construction Group will be far beyond what you could ever hope or expect.  First and foremost they separate themselves in a myriad of different ways. Perhaps the most impressive Dimension upfront is the fact that when it comes to General Contractors Baton Rouge Kelly Construction Group is the highest and most rated. the company has done work with prestigious institutions such as the Louisiana State University, Snap Fitness, and the City of Baton Rouge along with several churches.  The company is committed to Excellence if you want to know what commitment to Excellence looks like then pick up the phone and dial 225-243-4949 and watch how fast Kelly Construction Group gets in touch with you. Do you want to know excellent then watch how closely Kelly Construction Group communicates with you. Their team is on it.

 Some of the most popular projects that Kelly Construction Group does for their clients are commercial in nature. There are many things that make a commercial construction project go well but as commercial contractors Baton Rouge trusts with large projects Kelly Construction Group is dedicated to providing a timely estimate, accurate plans and details, and an experienced and personable staff. It is these characteristics that make other builders wonder why they even got into the business. 

Other builders just don’t have what it takes to stand up to a company that does such a great job in so many areas to name another area that Kelly Construction Group excels would be to point out there on time on budget guarantee. Kelly Construction Group knows that when it comes to time and money the most critical issues and decisions are made on a commercial construction project. They are excited to meet their client’s expectations and are confident in their ability to manage the construction process well enough to offer such an amazing guarantee. Other contractors usually find themselves out doing their budget that they have been allowed and going well past the established time frame for the job this is just part of the industry and it should not be accepted. At Kelly Construction Group they are committed to providing highest level of Excellence possible and they take it seriously on each and every project.

in order to get the most out of the Kelly Construction Group experience you would have to have an appreciation for the documentation process on a commercial construction project. Most commercial contractors Baton Rouge do not know how to keep their documents in an orderly fashion. Many times documents are delayed simply because management cannot find them when they are needed. Ask around in the construction industry to confirm these facts, but when it comes to the documentation processes on the average construction job site there are usually multiple types of overlapping and redundant documents that don’t have clear formatting or work together in an accurate reporting fashion. Kelly Construction Group they use all documents that have been branded and are consistent in their layout for uniformity sake. They are clear for all parties to follow and they are shared when they are needed without delay. This starts at the very beginning of the process with the consultation paperwork and your information as a prospect in the company. All the way through their Prospect funnel they will keep detailed notes and create a very complete Style with accurate data all the way through to the final punch list on their projects.

 As commercial contractors Baton Rouge has had the pleasure of  working with Kelly Construction Group does a great job keeping their sites clean. If you’re looking to build a big huge Shopping Center then it is likely you will have a big huge job site to keep clean through the process. Kelly Construction Group separates themselves from the unorderly and congested job sites of their competitors in the area by keeping branded and cleanly job sites. it’s never just a job site to Kelly Construction Group and therefore all things are organized in an orderly fashion and laid out in a way that is efficient. Very important Kelly Construction Group that there be daily cleaning on the schedule for their contractors and their employees. This ensures that things don’t get out of hand, injuries occur less or not at all, and inspections go smoothly. When there is no branding on the job site it lacks accountability and displays incompetence. All of the trash cans on a Kelly Construction Group website are branded and there is blatant signage that claims the job site for Kelly Construction Group. 

 when it comes to the type of work that Kelly Construction Group likes to do it since mention that commercial Contracting is their sweet spot. Well they can do commercial Renovations and build outs they would prefer work on Commercial new construction. If they were to build a shopping center for their client this would be the perfect job for Kelly Construction Group. They know that project management is well within their wheelhouse and design-build projects are right up their alley, but as commercial contractors Baton Rouge they would really like to be building new commercial buildings for distinguishing commercial building owner clients.

 If you head over to Kelly construction or pick up the phone and dial 225-243-4949 Kelly Construction Group will get you into the office for an initial consultation and needs assessment. It is during this time that you can ask all the questions you want to back up what you have found on when doing research on this amazing company they are an open book and their clients are probably talking about the results that this company has been able to provide for them. The commercial contractors Baton Rouge has hired for their own projects is available to the public through this website and this phone number. Be sure to do your research and due diligence before giving them a call and starting the process. But don’t wait too long, Kelly Construction Group is a highly desirable contractor and they may already be booked out as we speak. At the time of this writing there are multiple openings for large projects at Kelly Construction Group in the near future and if you’d like to secure one of these openings for you and your company please take advantage of there on time on budget guarantee and get started today.