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Why choosing the right Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge is the first and most important step in moving your project forward “and” why Kelly Construction Group LLC is the obvious choice.
Commercial Contractors Differ Greatly! Like the heading says, “Commercial Contractors Differ Greatly” and it’s not only true across the country, the same holds true here as well. Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge vary from one another in many ways.

One of the key elements of a great commercial contracting company is they’re being tech-enabled. Use of project management software used to be an option, but for the commercial contractor determined to deliver professional, high-quality service from concept to completion it is an absolute necessity!
In addition to this, an equally important and key ingredient that can make one commercial contractor stand out from the pack is the company’s culture. This may sound insignificant to some, but to the well-informed, it is a key element they look for in choosing a commercial contractor to partner with on projects. Why so, because a company’s culture can and does affect every aspect and phase of a project, it is the difference-maker in negotiating unforeseen challenges and staying on budget.
Kelly Construction Group-Tech Enabled?

The answer is absolute! Kelly Construction Group employs the latest technology to streamline production, facilitate clear and concise communication and to ensure deadlines are met.
From the moment a client’s project enters the pipeline it is tracked daily. The information gathered is shared with all parties involved in the project, upper management, architects, engineers, administration, appropriate governmental entities, financial institutions, project managers, staff and most importantly the client.
The project software KCG uses allows for reports to be done and tasks communicated to necessary parties via desktop, laptop, tablet or hand-held devices like a cell phone. All the while each report whether generated from a phone app or desktop easily interfaces regardless of device, this ensures real-time communication and reporting.
Project documents across all projects and within projects are consistently uniform and clean. These easily read and interpret documents to eliminate confusion between parties and help keep jobs moving forward through the different milestones. This same technology allows them to provide very accurate estimates with a turnaround time of two weeks. This also speeds up the clients’ turnaround times related to procuring financing, permits, etc.
In short, the use of innovative project management software by the KCG allows them to stand out among their less tech-savvy peers and allows them to deliver unparalleled service and communication to clients’.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Company Culture-A Key Metric

In any business “metrics” are a way of tracking performance and the items affecting performance, in that sense a company’s culture is a trackable “metric”. A company’s culture will determine all other metrics, how well they communicate, how they pay attention to details, foresee developing issues, move quickly to adjust to challenges and avoid cost overruns from poor management.
At Kelly Construction Group culture is a central focus. Their core values are honesty, integrity, and diligence. These values are priority number one to company founder Jon Kelly who insists that all team members operate by the motto “Do the right thing every time!” This spirit permeates the company and is evident in its operation at all levels, the result being impeccable client service.
Another unique quality driven by their core values is their level of “accessibility”. Although, operate in every way much like bigger companies they still maintain a high level of accessibility giving direct access to management staff to all clients. This speaks to their culture and willingness to communicate clearly and be accountable at all levels. As a client of Kelly Construction Group LLC, you will never get the runaround!

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Commitment to Excellence

Why is Kelly Construction Group committed to excellence, because as much as they are in the contracting business they are just as much in the relationship-building business? They don’t just want your business, they genuinely want you to become part of their Kelly Construction Group family, a client/partner for life! The only way to achieve that is to provide the best client experience in the industry and that is what they strive to do every day, every project!
Make sure if you are looking for a commercial contractor in Baton Rouge to partner with on your next project you compare apples to apples. Here is some comparables that Jon calls “The Kelly Difference”.

* Concise Project Management
* Clean Documents
* Accurate Reporting
* Timely and Accurate Estimates
* Experienced Staff That Really Cares
* Commitment to Excellence
* Direct Access to Decision Makers
* Branded Job sites That Are Clean
* Jobs Completed on Time and On Budget

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Choose Your Commercial Contractor Wisely

Communication, culture and commitment, if your prospective contractor isn’t willing to discuss these things up front, that should be a red flag. Project scope and the money involved are obviously major factors about which there will be a lot of discussions, but unless the contractor you’re interviewing is willing to sit down and discuss their process for providing great communication, discuss their core values and what drives them as a company, as well as their level of commitment, you’re probably in for a bumpy ride if you decide to move forward with them.
For the last 11 years, Kelly Construction Group has been unwavering in its commitment to excellence and delivering the best client experience. Making the choice to pursue measured, manageable growth over maximum profit has ensured their culture has remained intact and in line with Jon’s vision for his company. Having already demonstrated they’re staying power Kelly Construction Group is poised to establish itself as one of Baton Rouge’s premier commercial contractors.

Smart business is about eliminating risk wherever possible, one sure way to minimize the risk associated with your next project is by considering the most reviewed (Google), highest rated (Google), General Contractor in Baton Rouge the Kelly Construction Group. For all things related to commercial construction KCG really is the obvious choice. To learn more, you can check them out on the Web at