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Why it’s never too soon for Commercial Real Estate Agents to build relationships with Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge has to offer.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Real Estate – Tons of Opportunity with Contracting Companies

The Commercial Real Estate Industry in the Greater Baton Rouge Area is a strong one with a thriving market offering varied opportunities from new construction to urban renewal and infill. These market dynamics offer similar opportunities to Commercial Contractors in Baton Rouge. Obviously, this shared interest between the two highlights the value of a relationship between the professions. Commercial Agents are often thought of as Ambassadors for their clients, searching for the appropriate property and negotiating contracts on their behalf all the while keeping in mind their clients’ vision of their project/development. However, where agents are thought of as ambassadors Commercial Contractors are the “keepers of the flame” bringing that vision to life and ensuring client satisfaction through to the completion of the project.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Build Strong Relationships Now

Being a Commercial Real Estate Developer or a Great Commercial Real Estate Agent requires putting together a great team of vendors and one of the most valuable assets in that team is a great Commercial Contractor. You wouldn’t want to wait until a client is landed before trying to develop a strong relationship with a builder. Why not make the effort up front and invest in a relationship prior to ever needing the services of a vendor? In a word, the answer is culture! A company’s culture is the one intangible that can and will affect the outcome of a project and you can’t get a real feel for a company’s culture in a brief meeting or two. It’s a must to know what kind of commitment to excellence a company has, what are their core values, is their approach to business intentional or reactionary? If you haven’t spent enough time with a prospective builder/client to have at least a good feel for where they stand on these things, then more time needs to be invested in that relationship before moving forward.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Qualities to Look For

Commercial Contractors in Baton Rouge are many, but when it comes to choosing a great Commercial Contractor today, the second thing you look for after culture is whether the company is tech-savvy or tech-enabled. In other words, are they using a project management software program that tracks and reports progress daily? Is their program “cloud-based” allowing for great communication with everyone involved in the project?
Ask to see samples of what the project documentation would look like for a typical project, are they clean and easily interpreted, are they uniform? Also, what kind of access to decision-makers will you have once the client signs on the dotted line? Lastly, what do their current job sites look like and do they have a reputation for delivering the finished product on time and on a budget? Doing your due diligence on the front end can not only save you some headaches during a project, but it can save you a lot of money in potential cost over-runs and penalties for missed deadlines.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Be a Rockstar!

Imagine having already developed your team of vendors ahead of time and now you have a new client and they are ready to move quickly on a project and want to meet with your builder right away. Imagine being able to tell your client that it won’t be a problem and because of this great relationship you have with your builder you can call them on short notice and they are more than happy to meet with you and your client to shore-up your project and your client relations. A great contractor in your corner can make you look like a Rockstar and can help you take a business proposition and turn it into a contract. A good commercial contractor is like a good commercial real estate agent, they want to develop professional relationships and client relationships for life. When you find a builder that’s as invested as you it can be a productive, profitable and rewarding relationship.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Premier Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge

Like this blog post explains, it’s not only important for commercial real estate agents to partner with a commercial contractor, but imperative to partner with the right commercial contractor. Kelly Construction Group LLC is confident that if you do your due diligence when looking to form a relationship with a builder and you give them a look, they will pass the test.
The company culture is centered around core values that include integrity and commitment to excellence. The staff always chooses to do the right thing every-time. They utilize cloud-based project management software which facilitates state of the art communication and reporting, two important metrics in delivering excellent client satisfaction.
Clean and concise project documents that are consistently branded and easy to interpret whether related to project billing, budget or changes. Accurate and timely estimates often within two weeks with a focus on attention to detail to ensure accuracy. Kelly Construction Group’s staff is committed to excellence and has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. Their approach to business is with intention, carefully planning each step and every milestone of a project with the common objective of delivering project completed on time and on budget. Although they operate on the same level as some companies that are much larger, they continue to give clients direct access to key decision-makers, you’ll never get the runaround!
Quality Construction. Exceptional Service.

Let’s Build a Relationship

Now that you know a little about us, we would like the opportunity to learn about you as well. We have been a fixture in the Greater Baton Rouge area for some time now so it’s time we get acquainted. Let us sit down in person and tell you why we think we would be a great fit for you and your business. Remember, building a team is important, but building the right team is essential to long term success…. we want to be a part of that team!

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