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This article highlights the value of both Commercial Architect Firms and Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge developing good relationships with one another.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Enough Arrows in Your Quiver?
Anyone that has ever participated in archery as a sport would agree you can never have too many arrows in your quiver. The same principle can apply to business, you can never have too many good vendors/ business relationships. This is especially true in the design/build industry. Commercial Architects and Commercial Contractors share a symbiotic relationship and although they need one another sometimes the relationship between the two can be tenuous at best. In the Greater Baton Rouge Area, the building industry is experiencing growth and with growth comes the opportunity for Commercial Contractors in Baton Rouge and Commercial Architect Firms. Now is an opportune time for both professions to seek out and develop strong relationships with their counterparts.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Why Build the Relationship Before you Need Their Services?

The reality is that for the very best outcome of any project the architect and builder need to be included from the outset. Builders can often offer valuable input in the early stages of planning related to design, exterior finishes and addressing whether special design features are applicable beyond concept. It helps in figuring costs and sharpening the budget as well.
It is also beneficial to have the builder on board and invested in the project early on as this helps to ensure the architect’s vision is executed the way it was intended. This results in higher client satisfaction and a great referral for both the Commercial Architect Firm and the Commercial Contractor after the project’s completion.
Networking with other industry professionals brings other benefits too. As you get to really know a company and its culture it becomes more apparent where the value lies with a vendor. There are always those one-off projects that come up where a new vendor you’ve added to your “quiver” may be a perfect fit and sometimes it’s just a timing thing. If a client asks you for a referral and you just happen to have a new connection, you feel comfortable with recommending it can make you look like a Rockstar.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | In Any Relationship Communication is Key

Often problems that arise on a project can be traced back to poor communication between the Commercial Architect Firm and the Commercial Contractor. Sometimes this is the result of a misinterpretation of the plan/design on-site and rather than reaching out to the architect before proceeding the builder decides to move forward. If the builder gets it wrong in this scenario it can go from simply needing to make a call to a rework situation, obviously, the phone call would be less expensive, and the relationship would remain intact.
On the other hand, sometimes architects can include design elements in a project that the contractor has never executed before, it is imperative here that the architect goes the extra mile to communicate the nuances of the new element to the builder. A site visit would likely be helpful as well to ensure no misunderstandings about how the builder should execute the design element.
Commercial Architect Firms and Commercial Contractors in Baton Rouge are in the perfect position to set a new bar on how to build a strong relationship between the two professions. The opportunities that exist for miscommunication due to the complexity of a design-build project only highlight the need for early involvement of both the architect and the builder centered around a ton of communication.

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Don’t Be Normal-Be Exceptional

Human nature is to avoid the things that make us uncomfortable like developing new relationships. Only after we are pressed by necessity do we then try and reach out to find someone with the skill set we need. Why not do what’s “not normal” and seek out vendors to establish relationships well before you may ever need their services.
The benefits of taking this “exceptional” pro-active approach far outweigh the temporary awkwardness of reaching out to a stranger. The thing to keep in mind is that the person on the other side is a business professional too and would likely welcome the opportunity to network with another industry professional.
Taking the initiative puts you in the driver’s seat, once a rapport is established you can systematically “qualify” your new friend. Ask pertinent questions regarding their company culture, find out if you have mutual business connections and so on, in short try and make a determination if you think they are someone you would want to do business with and if so then a cup of coffee or lunch would be in order. Imagine having laid this groundwork before you ever start your first project together. Would communication be easier, more natural from the outset? Absolutely! How would that kind of communication between architect and commercial contractor affect the projects you do together? Most definitely, in a positive way!

Commercial Contractors Baton Rouge | Let’s Make This Easy – Kelly Construction Group

If you are a member of a Commercial Architect Firm in the Baton Rouge area and reading this, then know Kelly Construction Group LLC is looking forward to the opportunity to speak with you about networking with your Firm and cultivating a great working relationship. We are a well-established, progressive company among the many Commercial Contractors in Baton Rouge.
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