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This content was written for Kelly Construction Group. 

This company has guarantees coming out of its ears and they are primed and ready to work for you on your next commercial contracting project so get the commercial contractors Baton Rouge knows best at Kelly Construction Group today. Call 225-243-4949 and schedule an initial consultation to kick off an amazing start to a wonderful relationship with this Premier commercial and residential contractor. You should not hesitate to reach out to the company. They have a wonderful team in there ready to do great work for you. If you want to know more about them you can always find out more online.

 This company is not shy and they are very good at displaying what they can do on the web. Their website is beautifully laid-out with easy to interpret sections and only critical information at easy to find points on the site. If you go to Kelly construction you will find right there on the homepage a wonderful play video button. If you play the video you will be able to watch the owner of the company himself discuss how and why he got involved in construction and how Kelly Construction Group came to be. As commercial contractors Baton Rouge has chosen to work on its own projects Kelly Construction Group is confident that you will choose them as well.

 If you want to take advantage of the many different buttons on the website to get a free quote feel free to do that. Kelly Construction Group offers a free quote on all residential and commercial construction projects. They do this because they believe there is important that you get a chance to know the company. They do this because it is a chance for them to fill out the client as much as the client gets an opportunity to feel out the company. It’s important that a large commercial construction project carries with it a good deal of camaraderie and morale between the client and the contractor. 

The commercial contractors Baton Rouge has used at Kelly Construction Group have been able to provide a wonderful job for many other organizations as well. If you look up Snap Fitness in Baton Rouge you will find that Kelly Construction Group had a role in the build out of there location. If you contact Louisiana State University and ask them about contractors they have worked with and enjoyed working with in the past they will tell you that Kelly Construction Group is amongst the highest on their list. If you decide to reach out to the churches in the area you will find the Kelly Construction Group has done a great deal of work for them and they would refer the company for future work.

 If you’re looking to do Residential work there are several video testimonials from satisfied clients in the residential sector on the testimonials page of the website head on over there to check out what they are saying about what it was like to work with Kelly Construction Group on a residential project that involves such things as pools and outdoor living areas. Renovations and additions are also common for Kelly Construction Group in the residential sector and they have been able to do a great job for their clients in the past on these as well. You can check out the reviews on Google in order to confirm the various new home construction experiences the clients of had while working with Kelly Construction Group. There is a 14-day quote guarantee for any clients that are looking to work with Kelly Construction Group and find out firsthand how well the company is at sticking to its word and its guarantees. 

There’s no harm in requesting a 14-day quote guarantee just to see if the company can do it. They are able to process this sort of thing without so much as a hitch in their stuff in their happy to do it if it earns them the respect and future work of a potential respectful client. Pick up the phone and dial 225-243-4949 and schedule a free consultation meeting with Kelly Construction Group to start the 14-day quote guarantee . whenever you decide to go with Kelly Construction Group they will offer you a on time on budget guarantee along with the project satisfaction guarantee to go with your 14-day quote guarantee. 

With all the guarantees Kelly Construction Group must maintain a very high level of discipline concerning their company culture.  When did Kelly Construction Group is able to maintain this has through the upholding of some very strict company core values upon which the company is built. As a foundation for the company Kelly Construction Group has a high degree of Pride and its work and in its people. Being Dependable is of the highest and most importance to Kelly Construction Group. This is why clear communication is also another core value in the company that allows them to avoid misunderstandings and get messages through in an organized, candid and upfront way. As front-runners in the industry Kelly Construction Group is the highest and most reviewed general contractor in Baton Rouge Louisiana and they have well over a hundred and twenty reviews at this point.

 Through their honesty they are able to act out of integrity at all times and do the job right the first time. If mistakes do happen Kelly Construction Group has the core value of Pride to make sure that they take ownership and responsibility for the mistakes and make it right with their customer. The customer satisfaction is guaranteed after all. The way Kelly construction group stays in business while guaranteeing so many outstanding offers for their clients is through an insistence in the company culture on producing results production is a core value at Kelly Construction Group that makes it all work. The production at Kelly Construction Group can be defined as communication and behavior pointed in an organized fashion and focused on producing desirable results for the client. By defining production in such a way Kelly Construction Group is able to make good on its guarantee to finish each job on time and on budget and to the satisfaction of the client.