My grandfather had a lot of skill in carpentry in his day. Not only did he build an entire sun room to add on to his house, he also built the deck and the picnic table for my mother's house, not to mention the other countless projects that I didn't even get a chance to see. Back when he was well enough, we could have just hired him to do pretty much anything. However, those days are gone, and I have no skill in carpentry of my own. So when I need something built, I look for a company that can provide the same quality, trust, determination, dedication, and integrity that my grandfather would have. Thus I search for the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge. Who do I find? I find Kelly Construction Group.

A company that is built on integrity, honesty, and dedication, you can be sure that Kelly Construction Group is well worth being considered the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge. Why? It is because when they commit to a project, they do their best work and work their hardest to make sure that you are satisfied. Whether you have a small home project or a grand business venture, Kelly Construction Group will treat it with the same dedication and care as they would for any other project. They will not rest until you are satisfied and you have received the same care that you would have if your grandfather had worked on your project.

As a graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in construction management, Jon Kelly worked for seven years in construction before founding Kelly Construction Group in 2008. Since then, he has used the skills he acquired over those seven years to build a strong, honest, trustworthy company that all has completed projects for many, many happy customers. In fact, if you would like to see some of the testimonials from these happy customers, all you do is stop by the website. You will find scores upon scores of video and written reviews, all positively glowing with words like dedicated, reliable, trustworthy, and hard-working. If all of these customers are so happy with their care, it is obvious to see why Kelly Construction Group is full of the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge.

If the testimonials are not enough to convince you, just take a look at all of the guarantees that Joe Kelly and his team promised to you. First of all they will make sure that they adhere to their project-satisfaction guarantee, which, as you may have guessed, means that the finished product will meet all of your standards and that, if you're not satisfied, they will work tirelessly to fix it until you are. They also provide a free design-consultation guarantee and a 14-day quote guarantee, which, in conjunction with each other, will ensure that you know exactly what you are getting into before you commit to anything. 

Are you ready to get your construction project started? If so, visit with Kelly Construction Group on their website,; give them a call at infection number; or visit their Facebook page, Kelly Construction Group, LLC. No matter the project that you have, you will be completely satisfied if you hire Kelly Construction Group.

If you're looking for a business that will provide you the quality care that you need when working on a construction project, then you need to look for the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge. But not just any general contractors will do. You need people with a proven track record of customer satisfaction and quality work. Therefore, I recommend that you look into Kelly Construction Group, LLC, truly a company that is the best of the best.

As a company that has been well-established and trusted for 12 years, Kelly Construction Group is more than worthy of being considered the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge. With the values of integrity, honesty, and dedication at their heart, the employees of the group always make sure that every project is completed to their customer's satisfaction, no matter how big or small the project may be. Whether you need a barn built, a pool contracted, a house remodeled, or a major addition to your office complex, Kelly Construction Group is the company for you.

Since its inception, Kelly Construction Group, run by the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge, has served customer after customer that has come back with glowing reviews about the service they received. In order to see some of these reviews, visit their website. You will be astounded and amazed by the wide variety of people who have left reviews and the sheer amount of both videos and written notes sent in from satisfied clients. No matter with walk of life, every customer is satisfied and willing to place their name and face with reviews endorsing the work of this great company.

Kelly Construction Group holds itself very high standards, promising guarantee is to its clients in order to maintain accountability. First of all, they promise a project-satisfaction guarantee, which, as you may have guessed, ensures that every customer is the way satisfied with the work done. If the customer for any reason is not satisfied, Kelly Construction Group will work until they are. The group also promises a 14-day quote so that every customer will know exactly what that they are getting into before they commit to anything. And finally, they offer an "on-time, on budget" guarantee so that every customer is assured that there will be no surprises or hidden fees cropping up on them; only the work that was contracted will be done, and it will be done on time.

So, do you need help getting that barn built? Or do you need in addition to your office building? If so, contact Kelly Construction Group. Visit their website,; give them a call at 222-243-4949; or visit their Facebook page, Kelly Construction Group, LLC. No matter the project that you contract with Kelly Construction Group, you will be satisfied, knowing that you can trust the people who are working for you. Hire a group of people who will ensure that everything will meet your standards.