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This content was written for Kelly Construction Group.

If it is time to begin the construction for building the home of your dreams and you’re looking for best General Contractors Baton Rouge look no further than Kelly Construction Group. For many, building a new home is the American dream. Many families discuss their perfect home in great detail when building their life and their future together. We understand how important this dream is for you. That is why Kelly Construction Group is ready to help you with every step of the way to creating the home of your dreams. We offer a free quote so there is no cost to you up front. Our free quote is our gift to you to allow us to have the chance to show you how committed we will be and how we work hard to share in the passion of gifting you your dream home. We offer a 14 day quote. That means from the time that we quote you we can guarantee that we will stay on budget. We have an effective system that has proven to be substantial against our competitors and that is why we are the best in the industry. Our system involves careful planning, communication, quality construction and timely completion. One of the most important pieces of the building of a site is communication. Many construction companies often forget the value of communication and the importance of that along the construction project. We place a heavy value mission because we believe that engages our clients and creates a sense of excitement upon preparing them for their new home. We involve our clients in every decision and work hard to eliminate the stress of all of the decisions that are involved in this process.

In order for us to be the best General Contractors Baton Rouge, we must understand every potential need for construction and any family. Even if it is not a brand-new bill that you are seeking, we still can provide services for you. We also specialize in remodel and additions. We understand that as your family grows needs change. As time goes on, your beloved home needs to be updated and renovated. Let us be the company to do that for you. We offer the same amount of quality and passion for our additions and renovations that we do for our brand-new builds.

In addition to offering residential services, we also offer commercial construction services. Commercial construction services consist of a brand-new commercial build, expansion and commercial renovations, project management and facility maintenance. We keep the same quality of communication for commercial clients as we do our residential customers. The theory is the same. We believe that keeping you in the loop not only engages our commercial clients, but also your customers.

We’re so confident in our impeccable services that we provide to you a project satisfaction guarantee. We believe by using our system combined with our high quality and passion and commitment you will be completely satisfied. In fact, we are the highest rated general contractors in the area which is why we know we are the best General Contractors Baton Rouge has seen. Not only are we the highest reviewed, we are also the most reviewed which speaks to our level of experience.

Visit our website and find out why clients continue to use us for their construction needs. You can find us at or contact us at 225-243-4949. We look forward to discussing your future construction project in assessing all possibilities.

Best General Contractors Baton Rouge |We Work For Families Like You

This content was written for Kelly Construction Group.

Is your family seeking best General Contractors Baton Rouge for your new residential construction project? Kelly Construction Group is the construction company who will deliver exceptional construction services for families just like you. We offer free quotes, project satisfaction guaranteed ended on time, on budget guarantee. We know how important it can be for you to find a construction company that you trust to exhibit the same level of passion for your home that you dreamed of.

We work a hard to deliver exceptional quality while staying on task. We understand how important building a new dream home is for your family. We believe that the home is sanctuary. We believe that the place you spend the majority of your time should be exactly what you imagine it to be. We also realize that most families, just like ours are on a budget. This is why we offer a 14 day quote guarantee and also the reason we offer an on time, on budget guarantee. From the time that you receive your free quote, and we begin the project in 14 days we guarantee to deliver the quoted price. We want to make sure that we meet every single one of your expectations is why we are the most reviewed and best General Contractors Baton Rouge Louisiana.

In addition to building a brand-new home for your family based on your vision, we also provide renovations and additions. Your family, like most families probably change with time. As families grow your needs will change. Kelly Construction Group has you covered no matter what the situation may be. You want to trust your residential from your contractor to deliver exactly what your heart desires. We will add on to your house to provide the expansion that your family needs. During our free design consultation we will also provide you with insight if a remodel is what you are searching for.

Not only do we focus on the home, we also specialize in pool and outdoor living areas. We want every place in your home to create a atmosphere of relaxation, security and entertainment. Adding a pool into your backyard and allowing us to create a new construction for your back yard living area is the additional touch your home needs. We really do offer any service for families just like. This is another reason we are the best contractors Baton Rouge has to offer.

As many residential services we provide and as experienced as we are in residential property, we don’t just stop there. We also offer commercial services and our quality and project satisfaction guarantee and on time, on budget guarantee is also extended to our commercial clients. We offer new construction site services, commercial renovation and expansion, project management and facility maintenance services for our commercial customers. Between our residential and commercial services we are bound to be able to provide something in one of the areas of your life. Visit our website at and give us a call at 225-243-4949 for your free design consultation today.