When looking for the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge, you are looking for a company that you can trust. You're looking for a company that is built on integrity, diligence, hard work, dedication, and honesty. You are in luck because you have found company that holds all of these values and more.

Kelly Construction Group, founded in 2008 by Jon Kelly, has been serving the Baton Rouge area with diligence and integrity since its inception and has only grown in its ability to adhere to its impeccable values. No matter the project given to them, this group of Best General Contractors Baton Rouge can get things done. Customer after customer has discovered the quality work done by Kelly Construction Group and its employees, and they know that whenever they have a construction need, this is the place that they should turn to. In fact, they are so confident in killing a certain group's ability is that there have lovely puts going testimonials up on the website, both in video and written format, showing their devotion and admiration for the company.

Whether you're working on remodeling your home, trying to get a pool or living space built in your backyard, wanting a new house built on a lovely property, or representing a company that wants an expansion or any property built, you know that Kelly Construction Group has your best interests at heart. As the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge, Jon Kelly and his associates work hard to adhere to their company values: honesty, integrity, and diligent. And, with 12 years of excellence on their record, it is obvious that their values mean a lot to them. Both in residential and commercial construction, Kelly Construction Group is the company you want to turn to.

Because Kelly Construction Group is so concerned with making sure that its customers are well-treated and satisfied with their care, they work to uphold several guarantees that they give all of their customers. First of all, they work under a project-satisfaction guarantee. If the customer is not happy, the group will work tirelessly until they are. Additionally, they offer a guarantee for a free design consultation. They don't want to force customers to commit before they have shown that they are trustworthy and capable. And after the design has been made, they promise a 14-day quote so that the customers know exactly what they're getting into. And finally, Kelly Construction Group promises to complete projects on budget and on time so that the customers know what's they can expect and when, without any fear of hidden fees or expected surprises. Trustworthy and honest, Kelly Construction Group is customer-oriented to the core.

Are you ready to contract for a construction project? If so, visit the company website, kellyconstructiongroup.com; give them a call at 222-243-4949; or visit their Facebook page, Kelly Construction Group, LLC. They guarantee that you will be happy with their products, so get in contact with them today.

Construction projects are not as easy as they look. Perhaps my grandfather could build an entire porch onto his house that was both structurally-sound and beautiful, but we are in all like my grandfather. If you would ask me to build something with wood, I don't think I could even give you a fire. That's why, when I need a building contracted, I look for the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge. I need a company that can accomplish the things that I can't with transparency, honesty, integrity, and dedication. I can't just hire anyone, but I can certainly hire a Kelly Construction Group.

Founded in 2008 by Jon Kelly, Kelly Construction Group has a 12-year history of satisfying every customer that comes to them with any sort of project, both residential and commercial. Whether the customer needed a pool added on to their house, a remodel inside, a new house built, an addition put on to their office, or a new property contracted for their business, Kelly Construction Group was able to deliver quality service. Any customer that has worked with Kelly Construction Group can tell you that it is full of the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge.

To become the Best General Contractors Baton Rouge, a company must be founded on the values of quality, integrity, honesty, and dedication. Kelly Construction Group is more than committed to these sorts of values and more, always striving to make sure the needs of their clients are mad about everything else. Once the project is contracted, the team is off and running, working to meet deadlines and satisfy project goals.

In order to ensure that every customer sees the results that they have asked and paid for, Kelly Construction Group is committed to providing every customer with numerous guarantees in order to maintain accountability. First of all, the guarantee project satisfaction. In other words, every customer is asserted to be happy with the work that is done, were the team will work tirelessly to fix it. Additionally, every client is promised a free design consultation and a 14-day quote in order to ensure that the customer knows all the details up front before they have to commit to anything. Finally, every customer receives an "on time, on budget" guarantee, which ensures that every project will be done in on the day that was agreed upon beforehand and will be done within budget. There will be no hidden fees or surprises that the customer is required to pay for. Only the work that has been contracted will be done.

Do you have a project that needs to be started ASAP? Contract with Kelly Construction Group, the premier construction company in Baton Rouge. Visit their website, kellyconstructiongroup.com; give them a call at 222-243-4949; or visit their Facebook page, Kelly Construction Group, LLC. This group will not rest until you have received the service that you have asked for and that you are completely satisfied, 110%. Contact Kelly Construction Group today.