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If you are looking for the best general contractors Baton Rouge has to offer, you are in luck! Because I’ve got the cream of the crop here just for you. With Kelly Construction Group LLC, you are can be receiving some excellent services every day. They promise you that they will always be on time, providing you with a 14 guarantee free quote. This means, that for any commercial or residential construction projects, and they are going to provide you with a free quote for any new construction from the ground up, renovations remodels, additions, or build outs.

It’s time to get the party started, and find the best general contractors Baton Rouge has to offer. You will soon come to find that the best general contractors are indeed Kelly Construction Group LLC. You know this, because the not only have they consistently received a five-star Google review over time, but they have many reviews from clients you can read. As you read these reviews, you will see how they pay attention to all the details, and make sure that from the tiniest details of such as the design plans, and color schemes, only up to what resources and materials they use, that you are pleased with their services.

If you like to find out more information about our wonderful company and the best general contractors Baton Rouge has offer, just go online to our website. The company was first founded and created back in the year 2008. The owner John Kelly always wanted to have a business he could call his own. That became his reality in January 2008. Not only was he an experienced general contractor in the construction industry that he has worked with the many contracting companies. It was his goal to become a the greatest general contractor in the entire Baton Rouge area.

He was right services for all of your needs, which is why he offers residential and commercial services. He wants to be your one-stop shop for any construction business. He and his team members had extremely extensive experience in all areas of construction. The owner of the company and John Kelly, not only revolves his life around a great attributes, that he revolves his company around core values. These core values include integrity, honesty, and diligence. He does the right thing every time I his clients.

If you have questions for some of the greatest general contractors around, you can stick with them directly by dialing (225) 243-4949. If you want to talk with a customer service representative from Kelly Construction Group LLC, dial that toll-free number at (225) 243-4949. You can also find out more information about our company, and better services by going online to

Best general contractors Baton Rouge | from the very beginning

From the very beginning, owner and founder of Kelly Construction Group LLC John Kelly had a dream to be a one-stop shop for everyone’s construction needs. From residential construction to commercial construction his company has been able to provide the best general contractors Baton Rouge has ever seen. And since the year 2008, he is then successfully making homeowners and business owners dreams come true every single day. From the very beginning, he has founded his company upon the core values such as diligence, honesty, and integrity.

I can promise you, that when you work with Kelly Construction Group LLC, not only will you receive help and services from the best general contractors ever seen, but I can guarantee you that they are gonna do right by you every single time. That is because they all revolve around core values such as integrity and honesty. We strive to produce a have perfect outcome and results for all of our clients. We understand, that no one is perfect, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t try.

We love to provide all of our clients with a free quote. After we provide them with this free quote, it gives us the perfect opportunity to sit down with them, and discuss their needs. As we provide the best general contractors Baton Rouge to the receive, it is our clients who truly benefit from these services. They will be forever changed by a company who worked hard for them, and with the company who did everything they possibly could to help your dream become your reality. After that initial quotes, we are going to take the design plans that we created with the clients, and then go get all the required of permits, and licenses to begin construction. We have to pass of these designs by the state fire marshal and other important members of the community.

Once we receive all of the required permits, we can move on the TV construction phase. Housing that onto the construction phase, we want to make sure and have all of our clients included in this process. We didn’t become the best general contractors Baton Rouge overnight. It was through communicating with our clients, providing them great results through hard work that we are able to become so successful. You can become just as successful with our company. If you haven’t done so already, I would highly encourage you to go online to our website.

As you go online to, you will see every single way that Kelly Construction Group LLC has been able to not only meet our clients needs, that exceed all of their expectations. There honesty, hard work we provide happiness in a nutshell. If you have questions, please dial (225) 243-4949 to speak with our customer service representatives. You can also find out plenty of information by going online to our website today.