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Kelly Construction Group LLC is one of the leading residential and commercial construction providers. We are able to provide any services for any residential property or commercial property through the best general contractors Baton Rouge. Whether this is your first time owning a home or business, or if you are an experienced veteran in the building industry. You can provide all the services to you and more and even throw in a free is 14 day” guarantee. This quote guarantee promises feel that we will provide our quoting an estimated services for you for any project up to the first 14 days.

That way, you are able to see the high standards that we been the industry, becoming the best general contractors Baton Rouge has ever seen. At the with the company, and you will come to find out what we are all about. We are about serving our community, and helping others receive their dream home or dream business. The founder of Kelly Construction Group LLC John Kelly truly does care about his clients. That is something that believe through all of his team members efforts, even down to the very last detail.

Not only are honest, but we are company you can trust. By being honest thoughtful, and transparent for the last 11 years, our company has been able to bring success and happiness to all of our clients. Our clients of that that they have had a wonderful experience working with our team, and would highly recommend our services to anyone. So if you want to feel glorious, and enjoy a time and your beautiful, contact the best general contractors Baton Rouge has to offer. Not only help you set high standards in the industry and community, we have set high standards in our own company. We only hire employees and team members who work hard, but diligent, loyal, and honest.

Since 2008, it does are the same principles and attributes about our business model has been revolving around. So if you’d like to hear from clients who have used our services of the years just go online for website today. After you are on our website calling people see that we have a webpage dedicated to our services, reviews & testimonials. The review and testimonial page can be extremely helpful to you, because as these other clients come from similar situations that you become successful, you know it’s possible for you.

If you have any further questions about you like clarification on, please contact the best general contractors around at Kelly Construction Group LLC. By dialing (225) 243-4949 you will have the ability to schedule your first free quote. If you want to check out our website, and see the services, and resources that we have on their, go to I promise you, that we are gonna do the job right the first time, because of we are the best general contractors you have ever seen your entire life.

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When it comes to the construction industry, your project is going to go one of two ways. It’s either going to crash and burn, and you may not recover, or it will thrive, and take flight into the skies of success. After having worked with a company that was dishonest, disloyal, and is overall a horrible company, I’m sure you are ready to start over. Which is exactly why it Kelly Construction Group LLC is here to offer you your second chance by making their dream home, or dream commercial property come true. It will come true when you work with the best general contractors Baton Rouge offers.

Please allow us to shed some light on the situation. If you are feeling like the company are working with a striking down, instead of lifting you up time to switch companies. It’s time to switch over to the best general contractors Baton Rouge has ever seen, provided by Kelly Construction Group LLC. As the work with them, you will see how their personal ethics in attribute help benefit the entire project as a whole. When you have a team that is fully equipped with the knowledge and skill set to provide demolition services, research, design, architect etc. You know that the only thing you are going to be experiencing is success!

You better believe that the best general contractors Baton Rouge is here to save the day. We have been founded and started over 11 years ago. And since 2008, we been able to bring all of our clients happiness and success. We know that homes are the hardest, which is why many people strive to build or acquire their dream home within their lifetime. You’ll find that Kelly Construction Group LLC is very eager and ready to help. So, if you have a humongous project, and have been able to find a team to work with you, come to Kelly Construction Group LLC.

Before you start working with Kelly Construction Group LLC, we highly encourage potential client and current clients to go online to our website. As you go to our website, you will find that it is easily navigate a bowl, and successful. We designed our website with our clients in mind. You will find that there are a lot of helpful resources such as list of services we provide, reviews and testimonials from clients, as well as photos and online galleries for you can take a virtual tour through projects in homes, that we have completed over the years.

Kelly Construction Group LLC is very excited to work with you. In fact, we can’t wait to schedule you your free quote for two weeks. So if you have any questions, or you are ready to dive right in the style (225) 243-4949. Once again, before you show up to your first quote/consultation meeting we encourage you to go online to By speaking with our customer service representatives, and reading through the services, you will find that we are very eager and excited to work with you. We are the most honest, hard-working, company could ever work with in the LA area.