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You will find that the best general contractors that news has offer is going to be here at Kelly Construction Group LLC. Kelly Construction Group LLC has been around since the year 2008. 2008, Kelly Construction Group LLC assenting to build and grow their business, you, one of Baton Rouge is leading general contractors. In fact, it was the hope and dream of Kelly Construction Group LLC founder John Kelly to build a construction company where you’d be able to provide all services for the that area. Including commercial and residential construction.

We promise you project satisfaction guaranteed. Is exactly why we’ve been consistently rated and given a yet Google five-star rating reviews. Become one of the highest in most we fire clients for general contractors in Baton Rouge. If you’d like to read our reviews for the best general contractors that recess offer, all you have to do is go online for website. We can also provide you a free quote. We want to start off our service right, which is why we want to offer you this free service. As a offer you this free service to these extreme value we have to offer.

With the best general contractors Baton Rouge, you expect a certain standard of excellence. That is exactly what you’re going to get. Kelly Construction Group LLC holds of their standards high, and their company completely revolve around ethics and attributes such as honesty, diligence, and integrity. We believe in being the best service provider for all construction circumstances, and to be the best, we have to ask the best. Which is why we only hire employees who are honest, hard-working, and reliable. That way we can ensure our customer satisfaction every time.

We are going to offer you a is free 14 day quote guarantee for any residential and commercial construction. This includes the building your new home or your new commercial building from the ground up. It also includes renovations for your home or business as well as additions, as well as installing a pool or any outdoor living areas such as kitchen, or patio areas. I want you to see photos of these completed projects. Which is why I invite you to go online to

As to go on to, you will have access to entire gallery of photos from completed projects. You can now take a virtual tour through our galleries, and see the completed projects that we have to offer. If you have any questions for Kelly Construction Group LLC, or about their prices, or team members these steps the call. You can always reach out to us when you have questions or concerns. By dialing (225) 243-4949 you will reach our customer service line and then have the ability to ask any questions. We are very excited to work with you, and we provide the greatest construction company around town.

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When it comes to providing that the best general contractors Baton Rouge is going to blow your mind. Kelly Construction Group LLC is able to provide some of the greatest general contractors were commercial construction sites as well in the presidential commercial projects. We want to start off our project right via providing you a free quote guarantee that good up to 14 days. This quote is going to include but is not excluded to installing pools and outdoor living areas like outdoor kitchen, patios, or deck spaces. Renovations and additions for both commercial properties and residential properties. And new home and commercial construction.

Kelly Construction Group LLC want to provide the best general contractors Baton Rouge has ever seen for you. It was the goal of our founder John Kelly that back in the year 2008 views going to create the best commercial and residential construction company. He has successfully done so and over the last 11 years he has become the number one contractor for Baton Rouge. He’s able to provide a general contractors, design team members, and project coordinators that was hard. It’s very important to him about his company and his employees attributes and ethics revolve around honesty, integrity, and diligence.

By doing so, not only is Kelly Construction Group LLC able to ensure that every customer will be satisfied for the project, but that you are honest in everything we do. You can then trust that you are getting the best deal around town. I promise you that you are going to work with one of the best general contractors Baton Rouge has ever seen. They work hard in their trade become the best of the best. They have all the proper certification and licenses required to work for you. And if you decided to start new construction from the ground up for commercial or residential properties, by scheduling you a free quote we can sit down with you and work out all the details.

We can talk about what designs, layouts and floorplans you are looking for. After we can all major details hammered out, the you will then go to the state fire marshal and acquires the needed permits to build on land. Actually have the needed permits and licenses, then we will start construction right away. I want you to do a little research about our company and team members before we begin. If you go to, you will have access to hundreds of photos from completed projects. As you take a virtual tour through these projects, I want you to keep in mind that the same skill and craftsmanship are going to be used on your project as well.

If you do have questions regarding our general contractors, services, or pricing options please reach out to us today. By dialing (225) 243-4949, you will get in touch with our customer service line. Now go online to to find out more information about completed projects.