We know that you are tired of looking for Baton Rouge Commercial Contractors? That’s why you should call Kelly Construction Group. At Kelly Construction Group we will take care of all of your construction needs in our One Stop Shop. We are known for our customer service and are exceptional end products. We are known as the Builder of choice for Baton Rouge.If you would like to know why, all you have to do is check out our reviews. We are now offering our project satisfaction guarantee. That means that we promise each and every client that we will finish each project to your satisfaction on the time schedule that was planned and within the budget that was set. You can rest assured knowing that your needs will be taken care of with the Kelly Construction Group.

Baton Rouge commercial contractors can be kind of scary. You always hear stories about how horrible the experience was. You also hear some stories about busted budgets on a project that took much longer than expected, sometimes even years. That is not a concern of our customers at Kelly Construction Group. Our customers know that anytime that they give us a call or send us an email that they will receive a response back and a prompt timely manner. anytime that a customer requests information it is automatically created into a log. That log makes it so a customer is able to keep track of what items have been taken care of and which ones need to be attended to. anytime there is a change to the progress schedule then that is updated I want to our scheduling system. One of the features that the customers love the most, is the daily report. The Daily report is a special document they keep track of the project. This report could include information such as progress photos, quality, deliveries and inspection.

Why are all of our customers so happy with our product? I will tell you why. because our bedroom commercial contractors follow a proven repeatable system with every single last one of our clients. our system delivers an extravagant product every time. What is this process? It is a simple four steps. The first step is an assessment of your wants and needs. Next we take those steps and build them into a concept drawing which will allow us to put all of these ideas into one place to create the big vision. Once we have a vision of what it is that we are trying to do, now it is time for budget. This budget is constructed of information collected from past data contractors, subcontractors and vendors to be able to give a more accurate budget. After all of the planning is done it is time to draw out our masterpiece. This masterpiece can be done together as a group or you can have our specialist to do it for you. We will make the process so simple that you can call it stress-free.

Kelly Construction Group has made it so easy for you to call and get started with your business Construction that it is risk free. If you visit Kellyconstructiongroup.com or call 225-243-4949 any of our team members will be glad to set you up with a free design consultation and a 14-day quote. Let Kelly Construction Group Be the team that helps you get the job done.

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Kelly construction group has the best Baton Rouge Commercial Contractors in town! you have heard the rumors floating all over town. You have heard that Kelly Construction Group has done work at Snap Fitness, LSU Law, Domino’s Pizza, and even golf Suites. I’m sure you have also heard that they can also do that same extraordinary work for you and your business. Did you hear that it is risk free for you to find out how they can help you? well now you have.

When you are looking for Baton Rouge commercial contractors then Kelly Construction Group should be the first place you look because we are able to help you with your project from beginning to end. We have experience and metal building construction, new commercial construction, commercial renovations and additions. That means that whatever phase you are in your creation we have a team member that can help. Whether it is a recreation hall, a school or an office building let us help you build it.

Our company has been recommended by all of our clients to people that are looking for Baton Rouge commercial contractors. what better way to know that you are getting extraordinary service and a phenomenal product then to ask your neighbor. Word of Mouth is the best recommendation and our customers will tell it all. what they will say they will tell you that Kelly Construction Group is the best in communication and organization. Those are also the two things that most contractors fall short.

Our customers love that we are always prompt to communicate the status of your project. He will be given a daily report of how well your project is doing. That report will keep track of quality, inspections, progress photos, weather, deliveries and any other information needed to make sure that your project is running on time and within budget. anytime that you request information it is automatically logged into our system they keep track of which issues have been taken care of and which ones need to be updated. Our customers are always happy and know that they are keeping track of the project just like we are.

Are you looking for a huge part of our success is the Kelly way. The Kelly way is a proven system that we use with all of our clients repeatedly over and over again regardless of what the product or service is. This four step system is built to last. are four steps or assessment, concepts, budget, and finally design.

Call 225-243-4949 to schedule your Free consultation and quote. You can also do that by visiting Kellyconstructiongroup.com We look forward to your satisfaction.