We are Kelly Construction Group and we are the best baton rouge commercial contractors. We are your builder of choice offering you on time and on budget projects guaranteed. we can bring your project to life. we want to be your builder of choice. By choosing us you’re choosing a company that understands the needs and wants of the client and knows Construction. We offer a guaranteed redesign consultation as well as a 14-day quote guarantee. when you work with us you get to work with a proven or people system that allows all of our clients to be able to receive an excellent finished project.


One of the services that we offer at Kelly Construction Group baton rouge commercial contractors is new commercial construction.  We have a primary focus and that is to manage the project efficiently and effectively to ensure that it is completed on time and within the budget. We have a proven method that we call the Kelly way which is a series of checklists and procedures that allow us to efficiently and effectively complete projects at task. We have a great list of clients because of the methods that we provide and we are able to provide them with quality time and time again. We offer new construction to agriculture, Auto dealerships, government, House of worship, manufacturing, office building, recreation, retail, schools, transportation, Fitness and exercise, and warehouse and distribution.


Another service that we offer at Kelly Construction Group baton rouge commercial contractors is commercial Renovations and remodels.We provide these services within a design build and a design bed delivery method. We have an experience that allows us to help with any problems that we may face when working on a renovation or remodel project. We have a preferred contractor with local universities and school boards. We have clients that Focus early on and have led to other opportunities as time goes on. We provide commercial Renovations and remodels to Fitness and exercise, transportation, Warehouse industry, schools, recreation, retail, House of worship, agriculture, Auto dealerships, government, and office buildings. 


We are specialists because we are able to have an early opportunity to learn how to manage all of these products efficiently and effectively. These have been challenging and will require a certain level of detail to pay attention. We have known that experience is one of the greatest things that goes a long way and by using our Kelly way we ensure that these projects are successful. We have put years and years of experience and make sure that you are taking care of every step of the way. If you are unsure on how to get started we always start with an assessment and then make a plan to make your project and turn it into reality. We will take your project through design permitting construction and occupancy so that you are able to be able to do this officially.


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Baton Rouge Commercial Contractors | Kelly Construction Group


If you are looking for the best baton rouge commercial contractors, look no further than Kelly Construction Group. We offer a guaranteed free design consultation, a 14-day quote guarantee and a project satisfaction guarantee. We got Kelly construction promised to be on time and on budget and that’s a guarantee. we are here in New builder of choice, we can bring your project to life. by choosing us you were able to choose a company that understands the client’s needs and knows construction by heart. We offer metal building construction, new commercial construction, and Commercial Renovations and additions. We do this the Kelly way.


One of the many services that is offered at Kelly group baton rouge commercial contractors  is pre-engineered metal and structural steel buildings. We have been able to partner with structural steel providers to be able to get our pre-engineered metal build in the industry. We have a vast experience in a lot of markets that have been offered including retail, schools, recreation, transportation, Warehouse industration, office building, manufacturing, agriculture, Auto dealerships, government and house of worship. We have the tools and we are able to construct and design the project that you’re needing for your metal building. We can completely draw your engineer’s needs. We have enormous options that will always go to your project. We have come to understand that they’re a leader in this industry because they offered the First offering. They offer PE and B building, structural steel, hybrid options and retrofit packages.


 When looking for a metal instructional steel building at baton rouge commercial contractors,  we offer conventional steel, pre-engineered building systems, fast track building systems, insulation systems, metal framing, re-roof, retrofit solutions, roof systems, steel building accessories, and wall systems. We can also help with any crane needs you may have. Throughout our partnership we are able to get the best pricings that are absolutely available. We have a primary focus that is in the commercial and Industrial construction sector. We have several different services and that allows us to be able to produce and do everything that Kelly does. We offer design build cut, design bid build, and construction management.


With our design build we have a desired method that allows us to be able to hand have a handle on the complete scope and allow you to be able to finish the project from completion to construction. We also built a project as a general contractor. For the design bed build this is where we use a method of drawing that is drawn by Architects and imaginators. Then we move on to estimates and pricing. We have believed that this is the best case practice. We offer construction management services for people that are happening to look at expanding or even franchising. We have the ability to manage the construction of any location so that you can continue to focus on your business.


You’re welcome to find out more information about us through our website https://kellyconstructiongroup.com/,  we can find out more about us, see what clients have to say about us and see our services and details.  call us today at 225.243.4949.