Kelly Construction Group baton rouge commercial contractors is your new builder of choice. We are the no-brainer offer because we are always on time and on budget guaranteed. We are able to bring your projects to life. By choosing us you’re choosing a company that is able to understand your needs and knows construction. We have project satisfaction guaranteed as well as a free quote and free consultation. We operate with honesty, integrity, and diligence. We offer metal building construction, new commercial construction, and Commercial Renovations as well as additions.


What is the Kelly way at baton rouge commercial contractors?  Kelly way is our proven repeatable system that allows all of our clients to be delivered with an excellent product. We will start with an assessment where we explore the wants and needs of the client. Then we start with conceptions and that’s where we put the client’s ideas , needs and months into a conceptual drawing. Then we move on to a budget where we build a sustainable project budget that is inclusive of all the costs needed. Then we jump into design and construction reconstruction drawings and construction. By working with us you can get communication, organization, plans specifications, budget, project management, estimates, schedule, field management, request for information, punch list and progress. We have a free design consultation of 14-day quote guarantee project satisfaction guarantee and an on-time and on to guarantee.


At Kelly Construction Group baton rouge commercial contractors,  we believe in keeping an organized approach. We make sure that that is our goal for every single job. We understand that organization Communications are the biggest key factors in order to execute a successful project. It is our goal to be able to lead the field in both aspects, we do it the Kelly way. We offer communication where we probably respond to all the calls and emails while ensuring that everyone is consistently and always in the room. We are firm Believers that it takes a team, we offer Excellence along the way. We always document all the communication and our tabs and ensure you that you have Clarity throughout your project. We are dedicated to making ourselves available for your support.


 We offer organization and that allows us to use Cutting Edge software to allow us for estimating, project management, field management as well as Financial management. We have our software where everyone can be able to get involved and be connected to every single part of each and every project that we do. We have a comprehensive project management platform that allows us to see all aspects from the beginning of the project to the end of the projects by allowing us to add plans as well as closeout documents.


By visiting our website, You can learn more about us, see what projects we’ve done in the past, check out our services, see how it works, see what clients have said about us in the past and more.  call us today to get your free quote and free consultation schedule today 225.243.4949. 

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Kelly Construction Group baton rouge commercial contractors Is always on time and on budget and that is a guarantee. We are your new builder of choice. we can bring your projects to life. By choosing us you are able to choose a company that knows the needs and wants of the client and knows construction. we guarantee a free design consultation, a 14-day quote guaranteed, project satisfaction guaranteed. We have a Kelly construction guarantee that allows us to be on time and on budget each and every time.


What is the Kelly way continued at baton rouge commercial contractors? We are organized and we offer communication and we believe that these are the two biggest key factors in order to execute a successful project. We offer communication that allows us to properly respond to all of our email calls and make sure that everyone is always in the loop. We document all of the communication and keep it in the construction software to be able to ensure the clarity for you and your project. We always design a specific representative that is dedicated to your project and your communication at any point in time. We have organization skills that allow us to execute the best estimating field management, project management and financial management out there. We offer plans specifications and that is all placed into a room where all necessary priorities have access to.


baton rouge commercial contractors Offers a detailed budget to track your spending on the project. We always make sure to keep you updated on this. We have a project management platform that allows us to keep everything from beginning to end with all the documents needed. We have an estimate that is organized by CSI codes. We are able to build you a budget and schedule off of this estimate. We have a submittal request and we always make sure to make sure that they have the time needed to be able to be approved. We have software that is able to keep everyone up to date and see which ones need to be approved and that keeps us on task and allows the project to stay moving as scheduled. We have schedules that are updated routinely so the project timeline is always first. We always make sure that you have access to the schedule. We have requests for information.


 This is where we have software that we manage in an organized manner. This is when we know what items have been addressed and what still needs to be done. We offer progress that we document through a daily report. We do everything such as deliveries, weather, Manpower and direction. We always make sure that we have quality, inspection as well as progression photos on there for you so you can see the progress. This is great to know that your project is constantly moving forward. We offer a tropical punch list that shows which is responsible for repair. We always have our field management connected and they are always on task and with a clean and detailed shareable report.


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