About Us

Kelly Construction Group was founded in 2008 by current owner Jon Kelly. He had always dreamed of having a business he could call his own and that became a reality in January 2008. Jon worked in the construction industry for approximately 7 years before starting Kelly Construction Group while also attending Louisiana State University and graduating in Construction Management in May of 2004. Jon gained his experience working for a couple of general contracting companies and one electrical company over the 7 year period prior to Kelly Construction Group. At Kelly Construction our goal is to become the Premier Contractor in the Baton Rouge area for all of your construction needs. Jon had a dream of creating a company that was a well oiled machine when it came to completing construction projects. He wanted a company that excelled in planning, communicating, constructing and completion. Anyone who has been apart of a construction project or really any type of project knows the importance of all of these aspects. We have extensive experience in all types of construction and we believe we are the best in the business. We offer services for Commercial, Residential and Outdoor Living/Pool Construction. Kelly Construction has grown continuously year end and year out since opening the doors in 2008. I believe our growth is directly connected to our core values which are honesty,integrity and diligence. We believe in doing the right thing every time no matter what that looks like and never stopping until the product is complete. This business has been built on the foundation of these values and we will never lose sight of them. They will forever be the values on which this company will continue to grow. In addition to our strong core values Kelly Construction Group, LLC puts out a very solid product. Our motto is Quality Construction and Exceptional Service. We believe that both aspects of our motto are equally important. Our focus is to deliver our product based on this motto on every project. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that would like to see our projects turn out as close to perfect as possible in every instance. We strive to look at every project as it is our own and insure we are giving the quality we would expect on our own personal projects. In addition to our first class team we have developed a network of subcontractors that help us turn every project into our clients dream. Our subcontractors know that we expect excellence and nothing less. All of our primary subcontractors have worked with us for much of the time we have been in business so we all have meshed really well into quite a  good team. There isn’t a construction project out there that we would not perform well on. We started off primarily doing commercial construction and project management. We would provide plans for entrepreneurs starting businesses in existing shopping centers or existing office spaces that needed renovating or needing a build-out. We would first meet with the client to discuss their needs and then design the space based on their wishes. Once the design was approved we would take care of all state and city permits including state fire marshal. After completion of the permitting phase we would move into construction and complete to project and have the space ready for business. We worked on these type projects for a number of years until the economy begin to take a turn downward and these jobs began to dry up very rapidly. From there we had began to develop relationships with a few larger organizations that had large facilities that had to be kept up regardless of the economy or any other limiting factors. While the economy was down we really worked on growing trust with these organizations and it has worked out well for all parties as these organizations are still some of our biggest clients to date. In addition to these type of commercial projects we bid projects on the public bid market as well. We have completed quite a number of public bid projects ranging from fire stations, ADA upgrades at local universities, classroom and laboratory renovations, and renovations to other local educational facilities. While Kelly Construction Group serves mainly as management company constructing projects through subcontractors they do perform the majority of the concrete work completed on all their projects across the board. Kelly Construction will also contract projects that are strictly concrete, such as parking lots, parking lot repairs, sidewalks and any other type of concrete foundations..

Meet the Team

Jon Kelly

Jon is the founder / owner of Kelly Construction. He formed Kelly Construction Group in 2008. After graduating from Louisiana State University in 2004, he spent a few years working for other companies before deciding to take on the challenge of starting his own. He has been married to his wife, Cherie, for 12 years, and they have three kids, Hailey, Brody, and Tobey.

Genevieve Howard

Genevieve is the Administrative Manager at Kelly Construction. Her background is finance where she worked in the banking industry for 15 years.  Genevieve has been married to her husband, Dustin, for 9 years. They have two boys, Jonah and Isaac. They reside in Walker, LA.

Bobby Byrd

Bobby is the lead superintendent at Kelly Construction. His entire career has been in the construction industry where he has compiled 35 years of experience. He spent 4 years in the Navy prior to his construction career. He is married to his wife Kim of 26 years, and they have three daughters, Cerah, Ceyler, & Cophia

Donnie Kelly

Donnie Kelly (Dad) is the logistics coordinator at Kelly Construction. He keeps the field moving by delivering materials and tools to job sites while also maintaining company equipment, trailers, etc. Donnie retired from Concordia Cotton warehouse, where he was the foreman for 34 years. He is married to his wife, Cynthia of 41 years, and they have three boys, Ben, Jon, and Aaron.

Jai-Michael Boudreaux

Jai is an Estimator / Project Manager at Kelly Construction Group, LLC.  He graduated from LSU with a Bachelors of Science degree in Construction Management in May of 2013. He has 6 years of experience in the construction industry. He is married to his wife Kristen, for 3 years.

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